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Universal programmable USB + DIN (7 pin) controllers.

Work with PC, mac, iPad, iphone and every MIDI capable device.

ActitioN 4 USB+DIN 1 Gallery.png
ActitioN 8 USB+DIN 1 Gallery.png
ActitioN 12 Universal 1 gallery.png

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*Fully programmable: every button can send PC, CC or note messages on any channel using the PC/Mac config software.
* PC Bank selection​ *
NEW FEATURE 2024*:  allows you to reach more presets with the same PC mode button(s)

*Multiple CC/note modes:  CC/note buttons can independently be set to toggle/momentary/impulse mode

*MIDI message sets *NEW FEATURE 2024*: The controller now supports 2 distinct sets of MIDI messages.

*Night light: When enabled LEDs providing a dim light so you can see the controller in dark  environment.

*Polyphonic: Multiple buttons can be pressed/released at the same time.

*External pedal input: With the external pedal you can control any pedals, faders and knobs.

* Built to last: Highly durable but still lightweight metal case and buttons.

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