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Feature Details


Config program

Use the provided PC- and Mac-compatible config app to specify what MIDI commands are sent.

Every button can send PC (program change), CC (control change) or note messages on any channel.

PC messages allows you to change presets. LED of the last pressed PC mode button lights.

*NEW FEATURE 2024* PC bank selection

This allows you to reach more presets with the same PC mode button(s) by letting you select different preset banks. To make this function work properly PC mode buttons have to get consecutive PC numbers starting with button 1 (but not have to start with PC0).  Banks are selected by long-pressing any of the PC buttons for three seconds. The result depends on how many buttons are in PC mode.

Here are some examples:


* Buttons 1-4 set to PC0-3 (and the other buttons are set to CC/note): if you long-press button 2 then buttons 1-4 sends PC4-7, if you long-press button 3 then buttons 1-4 sends PC8-11 and so on (long-press button 1 goes back to PC0-3 of course). This way you can reach presets up to 16 with just 4 buttons. See demo video below.

* With buttons 1-3 set to PC10-12 (and the other buttons are set to CC/note): if you long-press button 2 then buttons 1-3 sends PC13-15 and so on. This way you can reach presets 10-19 with 3 buttons.

* The function even works with only button 1 set to PC (goes to the next PC after long-press).  This function is enabled by default, and can be turned on or off with the config program.

CC and note message modes


* toggle (on/off): Allows you to turn functions/effects on and off individually. The LED indicate the state.

* momentary: Allows you to use non-on/off functions like 'previous/next preset', 'tape deck play', 'tap tempo' etc.

It also can be use to turn on an effect for a very short time (I use auto-wah this way). LED lights while you press the button.

* impulse: Sends a MIDI message only when you press a button. This mode is great to start/stop or change scenes on Axe FX, Neural DSP Quad Cortex, Ableton Live etc. LED of the last pressed impulse mode button lights.


*NEW FEATURE 2024* MIDI message sets

The controller now supports 2 distinct sets of MIDI messages.

There are three ways to specify which message set to use:


* Hold button 2 when power/USB connected to start with set 2, otherwise start with set 1.

* Simultaneously pressing buttons 1&2 will select set 1, with buttons 3&4 selecting s
et 2.

Good for when you want to be able to toggle between them with one foot.

* Simultaneously pressing buttons 1&3 will select set 1, with buttons 1&4 selecting set 2.

Good for when you want to prevent accidentally toggling between them with one foot.


The last two options can be turned on and off using the config program, and are disabled by default because they interfere with polyphonic behavior.

Night light

When enabled LEDs providing a dim light so you can see the controller in dark environment.



Multiple buttons can be pressed at the same time.

External pedal input


With the external pedal you can control any pedals, faders and knobs. You can connect any standard pedal with a 6.3mm (1/4 inch) stereo jack (TRS), for example Roland EV5 or M-Audio EX-P expression pedal (using this one myself, I can only recommend).



If you using the controller with a MIDI device it needs a power supply (9-15V AC or DC with a 5.5 x 2.1mm plug) or phantom power on pins 1&3 or pins 6&7 (9-15V AC or DC).

Of course you can use a regular 5 pin MIDI cable, the two other pins are optional for phantom power.
If you using as a USB controller with PC/mac/iPad/iphone it's powered by USB.

Make sure the device connected to one power source only. USB or power adapter or phantom power.


Built to last


Highly durable still lightweight metal case and buttons.

Dimensions and weights:

ActitioN 4: 265x80mm, Weight: 0,4Kg
ActitioN 8: 265x150mm, Weight: 0,8Kg
ActitioN 12: 265x235mm, Weight: 1,2Kg

The buttons are silent, there is no 'click' sound.

Remember, almost every software on PC/Mac can handle two or more controllers so if you need more buttons just contact me!

USB/MIDI cable and power adapter NOT included.

You can find the PC/mac config program in the download section (click here).


PC bank selection demo video with Line6 M5. This is the 4 button version out of the box:

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