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ActitioN USB Config Changelog

First release

- Ready for the v2 firmware
- WINDOWS ONLY: On Windows, when a program connects to a MIDI Device, the device will no longer be available to other program(s). This means, you will not be able to use multiple programs with the same device on Windows. To mitigate this inconvenience I added an option to release MIDI devices when the window is inactive so you don't have to close before open another program. I added this option to MIDI monitor program too so you can op
en and use them in the same time.
- WINDOWS ONLY: Related to the problem described above: after the config program loads the data from the controller its MIDI input no longer needed and released so you can open your program and use them together if your program takes the MIDI input only and leaves the MIDI output alone. I think this is a very convenient and unique feature.


Minor UI improvements



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