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5 pin MIDI controller description

My goal was to create an inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use MIDI controller.


You can change presets on Axe FX, Kemper, Atomic Amplifier, Line 6 and every device can accept MIDI program change messages.

4 and 8 button versions are available.

The controller sends program change (PC) MIDI messages on channel 1, you can change presets on every device that support it (please check your device manual).

By default the controller sends PC messages 1-4 to change presets 1-4 (on the 4 button unit).
If you press and hold button 2 for 3 seconds you can change preset 5-8 and so on.

This way you can control presets up to 16 with a 4 button unit, and up to 64 presets with the 8 button version.

The controller needs a power supply (9-15V AC or DC with a 5.5 x 2.1mm plug) or phantom power.

Supports phantom power on pin 1&3 or 6&7 (9-15V AC or DC).

Highly durable still lightweight metal case and buttons.


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